Wednesday, November 2, 2011

St. Pete Times Festival of Reading October 22, 2011 - Thanks to all USF volunteers

FFJC Salutes our USF Author/Presenters:
Special Recognition to First Friday Journal Club Presenter:
Julie Armstrong
Raymond Arsenault (with Laurens Grant, David Myers and Winonah Myers)
Mark Durand
Tony Silvia

Helen Levine (External Affairs) – James W. Hall and Lisa Unger; Mark Durand
Vivian Fueyo (Education) – Herb Snitzer
Deanna Michael – Patricia Rossi
Patricia Pettijohn (Library) – Edwin Black; Ian Vasquez
David McMullen (History) - Robert Olen Butler
Susan Allen (Social Work) – Terry Tomalin
Jan Blake (Education) – Tammar Stein
Kim Hall (External Affairs) – Nick Fagnoni
Linda LaPointe (Honors Program) – Roy Peter Clark
Kaya Van Beynen (Library)

Captain - House Manager
Patricia Claytor – Williams House

CAC Events Facilitators
Don McCarty
Anthony Ingram
Jeremy Johnson

Faculty and Staff

Cynthia Brown
Harriet Fletcher
Michel Fougeres
Bill Heller
Barbra Higel
Charlie Justice
Melanie Marquez
Barry McDowell
Solitaire Kelley Pepper
Tony Pepper
Carissa Santana
Anita Thompson – USF Tampa
Sudsy Tschiderer
Robert Vessenmeyer
Barbara Wood – USF Tampa

Talia De Angelo
Kevon Bremmer
Robert Burnham
Amaury Figueroa
Ingrid Morales
Taylor Upchurch

USF St. Petersburg Booth
Roy Callihan
Talia De Angelo

Campus Computing
Jeff Reisberg
John Diaz

Facilities Services
John Dickson
Kevin Cartmill
Cathy McClish
Rick Close
Ron Quincel
Guy Van Asten
Doug Maczis
Chris Heinrich
Jerry Coleman
Kevin Cowley
Robert Herrington
William Thornton
Howard Vail

Rene Chenevert
Reggie Oliver
Ada Bell
Kevin Deloatch
Walter Ewing
John Neder
Michael Wasserman
Fred Wassmer
Michael Williams

Parking Services
Julie Jakway
Bill Benjamin
Ryan Sweeney

Scott Macksam
William Millazo
Samantha Woodgreer
Adam Goetz
Josh Rivera
German Medina

Campus Associate
India Williams

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