Wednesday, January 11, 2012

S.P.A.T. - Website Evaluation Tool

What is SPAT? A mnemonic cue to help consumers evaluate web pages.
What does SPAT stand for: Site, Pulisher, Audience, Timliness

SPAT tested pre and post tests
Ease of use
Paricipants learn importance of being skeptical
Memorable, functional, reliable, usable for all ages

checkmarkS in Spat represents the word Site

The 'S' reminds you to look for the website's address. The website's address contains information that tells you who is providing the site's content. It also is vital for finding that information again.
how to find site address and provider. How Do I Find That?
  • Find the site's address.
  • Find the type of content provider
why these matter Why this Matters
Allows you to find the site again
Discern bias
Content provider
Motivation of content provider

review questionReview Question
Question: What would be the motivation for bias in vs.

checkmarkP in SPAT represents the word 'Publisher.

'P' reminds you to find who is publishing the content. If there is not a name taking responsibility for the content, then find another source of the information.
how to find site address and provider. How Do I Find That?
  •  Look for a publisher.
  •  Look for contact information.
why these matter Why This Matters
Knowing the website helps you know if the website is right for you.
review question Review Question
Question: Is a web page with a publisher listed for contact better than a web page without a publisher?

checkmarkA in SPAT represents the word 'Audience.'

The 'A' reminds you to seek out who the intended audience is for the site.
how to find site address and provider. How Do I Find That?
  • Look at the words on the page and see if you can explain all of them.
  • If you can not, then find another web page.
  • If you do understand the words then think about the next question you should ask.
  • Decide who is the intended audience.
why these matter Why This Matters
Knowing the audience helps you decide:
  • If the web page is right for you.
  • If the web page is targeting a specific audience and if you are part of that audience.
 review question Review Question
Question: A web page with primarily colorful graphics depicting a child smoking is targeting what audience?

checkmarkT in SPAT represents the word 'Timeliness.'

The 'T' reminds you to find the date the content was published. This tells you if you have old, new or questionable information.
how to find site address and provider. How Do I Find That?
  • Look for a publication date, last updated date, or date created.
why these matter Why This Matters
  • Knowing the date information was published helps you decide if information is accurate for your needs.
  • If you are writing a historical perspective on medicine, older information may work.
  • If you need information on how to treat a disease you want the most current information.
  • If no date is provided, there is no way to know when the information was published. This is not a 'good' web page.
review question Review Question:
Question:You found a page on US government law and want to use it for a report you are writing. You can not find a publication time period for the web page. Should you use the page as an information source?
checkmarkPractice SPATing

Janet Schneider to retire February 3, 2012

After 35 years of dedicated service. Janet Schneider will be retiring effective February 3, 2012 

Janet M. Schneider, Chief, Library Service at James A. Haley Veterans Hospital, Tampa FL
 Janet has extended an invitation to the FFJC to attend her 
Retirement Party
 February 2, from 11:30 to 1:30
VA SCI Middle dining room on the west side of the campus
"Food will be served"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Friday Journal Club: charitable interests in medicine, tropical diseases, and technology

A huge thank you to the FFJC for completing 100 squares for Knit A Square.
A special thank you to Ms. Allison Howard (below) who took her knitting needles all the way from Tampa to New Hampshire over the holidays and returned with 50 completed squares.
Knitters (l.-r.)  Allison Howard, Kristen Morda, Barbara Wood (standing).
Missing from picture Lee Ann Howlett, Denise Shereff, and Sue Warden
  Please take a few minutes to watch the video below on the Carter Foundation's efforts to eradicate the "neglected tropical illnesses that have disappeared from most of the world."

If you think the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is interested solely in libraries and technology, think again...
Video: Buffett Gift 'Makes Sense'
Okay, we all can't roll with the big dogs, but we can do our little bit.  Keep knitting, and fellas of the journal club...donations of yarn and or funding for postage readily accepted!!

Florida State University System-Textbook Affordability Links

Orange Grove Texts Plus delivers access to a wide range of textbooks in a choice of electronic or bound book formats. These books are priced at 40-50% less than similar textbooks purchased at retail outlets, including online discounters.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

My New Year's Resolution regarding work:

Sermon on the mount finished.  Just sayin' there's some good advice in there regarding work life.  Please feel free to channel your inner child outside of work hours, which includes Journal Club happy hour debriefing that commences promptly at 5:00 Wood Fired grill.   


1.  Save the date for Journal Club on 1/6/12.  Below please find articles for discussion:

2.  Anyone who has participated in the KAS initiative, please bring in your squares, we'll take a picture, then ship them off.  I'd like to continue this project, aiming for a blanket a month.  Anyone interested in continuing please let me know.

3.  Great time of year to clean house.  If you have any used books you'd like to donate to the Hillsborough County Public Library please bring them to Journal Club on Friday.  We will be dropping them off at the Jimmy B. Keel branch. 

Here's wishing you a Happy New Year.