Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Friday Journal Club: charitable interests in medicine, tropical diseases, and technology

A huge thank you to the FFJC for completing 100 squares for Knit A Square.
A special thank you to Ms. Allison Howard (below) who took her knitting needles all the way from Tampa to New Hampshire over the holidays and returned with 50 completed squares.
Knitters (l.-r.)  Allison Howard, Kristen Morda, Barbara Wood (standing).
Missing from picture Lee Ann Howlett, Denise Shereff, and Sue Warden
  Please take a few minutes to watch the video below on the Carter Foundation's efforts to eradicate the "neglected tropical illnesses that have disappeared from most of the world."

If you think the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is interested solely in libraries and technology, think again...
Video: Buffett Gift 'Makes Sense'
Okay, we all can't roll with the big dogs, but we can do our little bit.  Keep knitting, and fellas of the journal club...donations of yarn and or funding for postage readily accepted!!


  1. Great job, ladies! They look wonderful!

    I love Jimmy Carter.

  2. Thanks LKF, if only some of the guys would join us... I'd like to take this opportunity to recognize Lee Ann Howlett, who got us started on this project.

  3. Thanks, Barb! I'd have to pass that recognition along to my friend, Kate, in Ft. Lauderdale who heads up The Humble Stitch. Besides knitting for the homeless locally, they also make squares for this project. Kate managed to get me to dig out my needles and hooks after many years.

    Allison, I'm astonished at how many you were able to make! Wonderful! And knowing you, the stitches are probably perfect. ;)

    I love Jimmy Carter, too, LKF!

    I would like to help with the postage, Barb. Please email me to let me know the best way to do that.

    Lee Ann