Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Next time you want to buy or download a book, movie, or CD and enrich the 1%....Remember...

Jeff Stahler free online comic strip library at comics.com
"Those of us who have faith in the future of democracy can only hold our faith fast by believing that the knowledge of the learned, the wisdom of the thoughtful, the conscience of the upright, will some day be common enough to prevail, always, over every fractious folly and every mischievous movement that evil minds or ignorance can set astir. When that blessed time of victory shall have come, there will be many to share the glory of it; but none among them will rank rightly before those who have led and inspired the work of the public libraries."

--Mary Salome Cutler quoting Joseph Nelson Larned from a paper read at Lake Placid - "Two Fundamentals" Library Journal, 1896, p. 446.


  1. The public libraries have been and continue to be a fantastic resource of information. I do have some doubts about the majority of the public who often utilize the public library. Many of them do not seem to be benefiting from the vast amount of expensive resources being put at their disposal. For many of them, the resources provided by the public library is just another source of entertainment and diversion. Not sure how many of them are utilizing the resources to create a better life for themselves. I hope it is more than I think it is.---Feckless Piker

  2. That the Public Library is a source for recreation and entertainment for us 99% is ALL GOOD. That the Public Library offers shelter in a storm is ALL GOOD. That the Public Library is Democracy's University is ALL GOOD!!