Friday, June 15, 2012

Fellowship Opportunity for Librarians

Grace and Harold Sewell Memorial Fund

Learning Partnership Fellowship

Unique fellowship in Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Medicine, and Out-of-Hospital Care available for Masters-trained Information Science or Informatics Professional

Length of Fellowship: 12 months; desired start date is early September, 2012.

The Learning Partnership Fellowship has been organized as a joint partnership between:

• MESH Coalition (a disaster preparedness organization)

• Department of Emergency Medicine, Division of Out-of-Hospital Care; and

• Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services

The purpose of the Fellowship is to provide an opportunity for an informationist to participate in, and become a contributing member of, the operational activities and research of the three organizations. These organizations work collaboratively providing opportunities to work with a range of professionals that are state and national leaders in disaster preparedness, emergency medicine, out-of-hospital care, pediatrics and public health.

An Advisory Group will guide the Learning Partnership Fellow and will be responsible for activity development, mentorship and oversight.

Responsibilities include:

• Actively participate in training and fieldwork in the three disciplines described above and develop an appreciation for the professionals working in these fields.

• Choose a particular area of interest in out-of-hospital care/disaster preparedness and develop research specialization in that area.

• Contribute to research and training conducted in disaster preparedness and out-of-hospital care.

• Study the fields of quality assurance and evidence-based medicine and work with colleagues to develop up-to-date, evidence-based medical protocols for out-of-hospital care.

Required: Masters Degree in Library and Information Science from an accredited institution. Strong interest in the health care field with a particular interest in a hands-on learning environment geared toward emergency care and disaster preparedness. Three to five years of experience in information science, informatics or library science. Prior experience in health care or research setting preferred, but not required.

Employer and Stipend: Indiana University School of Medicine; $55,000 without benefits.

Interested candidates may send a: 1) 1-2 page cover letter explaining their interest in the Sewell Fund Learning Partnership and how the fellowship will help further their career goals, 2) curriculum vitae and 3) 3 references by August 3, 2012 to

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