Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Journal Club is a Special Gift.

Join us tomorrow in Room 2215, Shimberg HSL.

Part I.  Denise Shereff, MLIS will lead us into a discussion of how we can support the physicians involved in  research or patient advocacy/support groups developing a "virtual" multicenter disease registry through disease-specific social media networks. This study is a prime example of patient-initiated research that could be used by other health care professionals and institutions.

1.Spontaneous coronary artery dissection: a disease-specific, social networking community-initiated study.
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Mayo Clin Proc. 2011 Sep;86(9):845-50.
PMID: 21878595 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Related Citation:  Mayo Clin Proc. 2011 Sep;86(9):836-7.

2. Electronic communication and medical research: beyond the record.
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Comment on
Mayo Clin Proc. 2011 Sep;86(9):845-50.

PART II.  Barbara A. Wood, MLIS
"USF Health in the Villages.  What I saw and the potential of successful social networking-enabled research participation, engagement, and recruitment. "


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