Monday, April 26, 2010

Library Students Love Its Fresh Minty Taste.. Please ask your friends to attend

One of the most unforeseen surprises of FFJC has been the attendance of LIS students or recent graduates of Library School. Invitations have gone out virally or by word of mouth. 

Students and recent grads add so much to the Club.  They bring with them the latest and greatest in technology and a finger on the pulse of professional trends. 

Students, we can guarantee:
1.  We are not virtual. 
2.  We are real live people, having lively discussion.
3.  Brownies and/or other sweet treats will be provided.
4.  Acculturation into the professional environment of librarianship.
5.  We are non-competitive and or non-judgmental-- "what goes on in journal club stays in journal club."
6.  You will be able to hone your public speaking skills
7.  You will hear about jobs.
l-r  Lana Brand, Library Student, David Morgan newly minted MLIS.  Just ask them what they think of FFJC.

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